10 tips to avoid stress during a job interview

10 tips to avoid stress during a job interview

It is quite normal to be stressed before a job interview. But losing your means in front of the recruiter can make you miss the job so much hoped for. Here are our tips for learning to manage stress before and during the job interview.

Prepare your interview properly

Reread your application, the job offer, do research on the company, its news … Adjust your knowledge according to the position you want and prioritize your research: external growth, communication, values ​​…

Anticipate tricky questions

Remember to prepare an adequate response to any “criticisms” that could be made about your background and your weak points so as not to be destabilized. This will show that you have a healthy rapport with all stages of your journey.

Do a simulation

Train with a loved one who is ready to play the role of the recruiter. This will help you visualize the interview and prepare your answers to tricky questions. You can even film this fictitious interview with your smartphone to better identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as your language tics, your parasitic gestures …

Rest and relax before

There’s no point in “revising” all day, it’s the best way to stress out. Prepare a few memo cards to keep in mind the outline of your presentation and reread them quietly before your interview. For the most anxious, a sophrology session the day before with a professional can be beneficial. To great ills, great remedies!

Work on your self-esteem

If all of the relaxation and interview simulation techniques are not successful in dealing with your stress, then it is your self-confidence that will need to be worked on, as well as your self-esteem. If any part of your background on your CV is cause for concern, don’t hesitate to rework it. And if you can’t get your head out of the water on your own, probe those around you to have an outside look: you will then know if you are worrying wrongly or rightly.

Make a “logistics” point the day before

Checking the address and time of your appointment is a good way to avoid making mistakes and arriving late. Also, prepare the outfit you plan to put on, it will save you wasting time figuring out what to put on, especially if your interview takes place early in the morning. Check the travel time if it’s a route you don’t know much about and make sure you can deal with the unexpected, with a plan B.

Breathe deeply before the interview

Breathe in and out deeply and gently through your stomach at the first signs of stress. This technique seems trivial but it is the basis of relaxation (in a yoga class for example) and works if it is applied correctly.

Analyze the source of your stress

While you wait in the waiting room, “have fun” identifying the sources of your anxiety. In the end, it is not the interview that generates the stress but the negative thoughts that the candidates develop around them. Tell yourself that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! And it is often the fear of fear that unsettles us: if you “welcome” your stress, it may well go away faster than expected.

Stay focused during the interview

So as not to lose the thread. Speak in turn with the other person. Stressed, the candidate may indeed tend to monopolize the word for fear of “silences” in the conversation. Take notes if necessary, this can help you clarify certain points later.

Be active, not passive

Your stress is not caused by the recruiter, but by yourself and your perception of their judgment. Be yourself, as sincere as possible, and highlight what positive you can bring to the company. Doesn’t this one need you? Do not hesitate to ask him why during the refusal to fully understand your possible weak points and work on them for the next interview.