Convince a recruiter in less than 10 minutes

Convince a recruiter in less than 10 minutes

Most recruiters admit to getting an idea of ​​the candidate from the first minutes. So to convince them in just 10 minutes, here’s how to succeed. Go!

Minute 1: Your short presentation should start with your identity and then your training. Above all, do not list your diplomas, explain them. Say in one sentence why you followed this or that path.

Minutes 2 to 5: Keep in mind a few key elements of your journey. No need to list your experiences chronologically. Pick two or three of those that are most likely to interest the recruiter. To identify them, you must remember the prerequisites for the proposed position. To do this: reread the ad, identify the keywords and especially the lexical field used by the company to reuse it in an interview. Speaking the language of the recruiter is a real asset! Take a tour of the company’s website and its social networks. Check out the LinkedIn profiles of employees who work in similar roles or the same field.
Indicate the names of the companies which employed you. If these are confidential, indicate their size (number of employees), their turnover, and especially the sector of activity.
Finally, if you don’t have a lot of experience, choose to develop an internship or an extra-professional activity that could be of interest to the recruiter.

Minutes 5 to 8: Approach the question of your skills, paying careful attention to the vocabulary you use. If you have a “buyer” profile, it will seem rather weird if you don’t use keywords like “commodities”, “direct buy” or “stock management”. Choose a vocabulary and one or two examples of realization that will complement your experiences. If you are a salesperson, highlight the results obtained: “I have X years of sales experience”, “I have a good knowledge of the Asian market”. If you are in the HR field, specify the number of employees you have supported, the teams you have formed. If you have been a business developer for a start-up, give figures “I participated in X increase in clients”.
It is through these very concrete examples that you will have a chance to distinguish yourself.

Minutes 8-10: end with your motivation for the job. How you see it. Your attraction may be linked to geographic criteria, possible developments, or remuneration. Argue your interest in the company and ask the recruiter a question or two to start the conversation. You’ve done most of the work, it’s up to him to question you.
When this argument is well established, repeat it out loud while timing yourself. No need to learn it by heart at the risk of sounding like a child reciting his poetry, but remember the important passages and the keywords to remember while leaving yourself room for improvisation.