Have you ever gone out traveling and abandoned your PC?

Ever get terrified your PC will get taken, harmed, or bite the dust and you’ll be outta karma with every one of your locales and passwords?

Simply taking your PC into a shop to have it tidied up?

password keeper

I don’t think about you, yet for me, my PC is my help. It’s the place where I blog. Where I bring in the entirety of my cash. Without my PC, I’m dead in the water.

It’s indispensable to such an extent, that at whatever point I take some time off, I drop it off at a PC mechanics shop to protect it for me!

I have it upheld up in full in two better places, yet there’s actually nowhere to store my passwords.

I went online to search for a secret key manager free printable, in any case, call me fastidious, there weren’t any that truly SPOKE to me. In this way, I made my own… and a couple of additional, because I get TOTALLY fixated when making printables.

Download the file from here : Password keepers