Phrases recruiters don’t like to hear

Phrases recruiters don’t like to hear

In a job interview, you need to be natural and show the best of yourself. However, not all sentences are good to say. They are especially not good for the recruiter to hear.
Here are some examples of phrases to avoid during a job interview.

Let me introduce myself

To start your job interview, this sentence is unwelcome. Indeed, you offer to take things in hand for your meeting or you are the guest.

You need to let the recruiter conduct the interview, it’s not your job to lead because you risk giving a bad first impression. Let him take the initiative or he may think that you are too sure of yourself and you may come across as a pretentious person.

The first impression is always important and this is no exception to the rule for a job interview.

Also, this sentence may make you think that you are going to unfold your resume point by point to talk about yourself and this presentation is boring for the recruiter. It is best to wait until he asks you to introduce yourself.

Tell me more about your business

While this is true, you don’t have to admit that you didn’t take the time to find out about the company you applied for. As for the position, it is not recommended to ask for the main duties of the position when they were specified in the advertisement.

On the one hand, if the company and the position interest you, you must inform yourself a minimum on the internet beforehand because you are supposed to be interested to work there.

On the other hand, it proves that you sent your resume at random and that you have little interest in the company.

A job interview should be well prepared and you should not arrive on D-Day with your hands in your pockets without first learning about the company. The goal is to get you hired so to put all the chances on your side.

I took the tour of my old job

Generally speaking, speaking negatively about your old job is not recommended. Indeed, this can lead the recruiter to think that you will do the same with their company if you leave them after years of good and loyal service.

It can also mean that you tend to get bored in your positions and the recruiter can imagine the same situation if they hire you.

Also, the recruiter may wonder why you did not seek to evolve internally in your company rather than let go and look for a new job externally.

You might not have enjoyed your old job and you have a right to it, but don’t denigrate it. When the recruiter asks you why you are quitting your current job, try to come up with a positive formulation of the reason, without lying.

I sent a hundred resumes

What more can be said to clarify that this sentence should be avoided during a recruitment interview ?! It is obviously recommended to increase your chances of finding a job. However, it is not necessarily useful to tell the recruiter that your application for his company is the multiple of 10 and that you expect answers from everywhere.

Plus, it proves to the recruiter that you haven’t targeted your searches and don’t know what you’re looking for. Especially if your applications relate to different jobs in various sectors.

Another perception, the recruiter may imagine that you are looking for ONE job and not necessarily this particular position. This is to say that you absolutely need a job and not an interesting challenge in this company.

This sentence, even if it is accurate and real, can be dangerous and backfire on you.

My old boss is incompetent

Same fight as the previous sentence! Recruiters want to hire positive people, and criticizing your current employer or previous bosses is a bad idea.

Complaining about your former boss is a red flag for them. Indeed, it can mean that you are a difficult person to manage and that you are hardly satisfied with the management.

This remark can also make one think that you are not a competent person but that you blame your hierarchical managers to hide your faults.

As the previous sentence, to answer the question of why you left your current company, it is best to stay positive and not criticize the people you work for, your colleagues, your position, your daily life, or your company. in general.

Avoid the recruiter thinking that if they hire you it wouldn’t be any different this time around and that they don’t want to give it a shot. You may have to wait a long time for calls after your recruitment interviews!

I am the one for you

Apart from being pretentious, this sentence has no added value in a job interview.

Put all the chances on your side so that the recruiter discovers for himself your qualities and is interested in your profile.

Besides, avoid building your interview around yourself and try to create a constructive exchange with your interlocutor. Show her that there are many things you can do for her business with hard facts, not words that can’t be verified as they are.

I have already put my vacation

You have the right to privacy and summer vacations are often scheduled well in advance. On the other hand, the recruitment interview is not the time to talk about your personal projects. Now is not the time to indicate that you want to be away for several weeks in a few months. Now is not the perfect time to broach this subject as it gives an image of you who already have demands when you have not yet proven that you have your place in the company.