Precautions That Could Save Your Life

Another step that can be taken is switching up your routine; don’t do the same routine every day. This may seem silly and a bit paranoid but it’s much easier to take these steps than to end up a victim of assault or worse. I’m not talking about if you have to be in at work every day at 8, that some days show up late and some days show up early, because you would lose your job, what I mean is switch up the activities you can control. For example, I like to walk my dog in the morning, but I don’t normally go at the same time. I like to switch up the times I walk every day, and although I may seem totally paranoid, you never know who could be watching, and if you walk every morning at 7:30, that’s highly predictable. It’s scary to think that someone could be watching you when you’re out running errands or walking your dog, but it happens. I was followed home in high school, and although nothing happened, I just had a card and roses put on my windshield, what’s even scarier is to think that I could have walked outside while he was there, and had no idea what to do.

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