Stylish Resume Templates

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Stylish Resume Templates

  • File Format: Microsoft Word .docx
  • 6 Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Original, Red, Purple-Blue
  • Additional features: All elements can change color. Add a photo if you want one.
  • Suitable for all professions

The professional resume template was born for professionals, with a little technical touch. If you work as an architect, engineer, lawyer, technical designer, CAD designer, and others, this is the resume template you might want to use. However, it can also be used for other professions, say you are a teacher, doctor, or nurse, it is still a good choice. It is available in various colors, but it can also be adjusted to lighter or darker colors to suit your preference or any color and gradation you want.

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This template uses free fonts that are compatible with the PC. You *MUST*
install these fonts on your computer for it to work properly.
You find the font in the file.

We’ve packaged the fonts you need in the Zip file you just opened. Simply open the folders
and install each font file.
Windows Users: Right-click the font file, select “Install”, and restart MS Word. (We
recommend fully restarting your computer.)


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