The qualities to highlight in a job interview

The qualities to highlight in a job interview

During a job interview, it is not difficult to talk about his qualities. On the contrary, the candidate should place his qualities throughout the recruitment. Yes, but how to correctly answer the recruiter’s question on qualities? And what are the best qualities to cite?

The question of qualities: how to answer it?

Talking about your qualities is not really a problem. The principle is to cite qualities useful in your profession without appearing proud or conceited.

For example, you can answer this question indirectly and explain how your colleagues or managers perceive you and what they say about you.

You can also adapt your answer to the professional environment in which you are applying. Indeed, the recruiter is interested in the qualities that are in line with the proposed position.

The worst answer you can give is a long line of adjectives. It is better to focus on quality over quantity. Obviously, you want to appear as the best candidate for the job but a few qualities are enough to show the sincerity of your strengths.

You must choose 1 to 3 strengths that characterize you and according to the number of qualities that are required of you. Depending on the number, you can more or less detail the reason for these choices.

Indeed, do not think that the recruiter will be satisfied with quality without knowing more. You will probably be asked to justify your choices and give concrete examples.

List of qualities to address

In terms of response, the classics no longer satisfy recruiters. It is therefore not recommended to address the following qualities:

  • I am a perfectionist ;
  • I have a great analytical capacity;
  • I am rigorous;
  • I am shy ;
  • I am tenacious.

Instead, you can try the following qualities. These are behavioral skills, called soft skills. Use if they suit you, of course.


See the bright side, turn problems into opportunity, don’t get down, usually in a good mood.


Ease of learning, at ease in many situations, quick to take on the job and new tools.


The attraction for discovery and innovation, critical thinking and questioning of traditional logics, cultivated and passionate


Proximity to others, ease of integration into a team, and mindful of the work environment.


The motor of a group, knowledge of the levers aiming to bring together, inspire, delegate, and manage a work team, responsible, and directive.

Open mind

Competence to integrate into a new environment, speed of understanding, and flexibility.


Decision-making flexibility, diplomacy, search for compromise and openness, sense of priorities and sacrifice, human ability.