“What’s your dream job? »In 3 steps

“What’s your dream job? »In 3 steps

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To describe your dream interview job well, you need to think about it and find it. Here is a 3-step guide to make it happen in your head and present it well to the recruiter.

It is important to be able to accurately describe the job of your dreams. Firstly as a source of personal motivation, but also in order to respond if you are asked this question in an interview. Because, it happens! And we judge your answer. Better to have thought about it before.

Guidance counselors believe that the right job for someone is at the intersection of their skills, interests and values. In psycho pop, we call it being on your X.

Here are 3 steps to answering your “dream job” interview question.

What skills do you want to use?

First, think about what you are doing right now. Since you have already discussed your current job at this point in the interview, use that as a transition. Bring out the skills you enjoy using. Don’t limit yourself to your talent. This is for your dream job! Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you want to thrive there.
Here’s how to answer:

• “I told you about my experience with _________________. In my dream job, I want to find this element. I would also like to hone my skills in a certain area. “

• “I have thought about it before and have come to the conclusion that I would like to continue to develop my ________ skills while learning more in this area. “

What are you interested in ?

Then comes the time to talk about your interests. What inspires you? Was it a youthful hobby that became your job? What drives your motivation?

Here are some possible answers:

• “I have been interested in this industry since I discovered ____________. Added to my interests in ____ and _____, that has always turned me on. “

• “When it comes to job responsibilities, I want to be involved in _____ and _______. I’ve been interested in this stuff since _________. I would really like to find this in my dream job. “

What are your values?

Talking about your values ​​will give the recruiter a good idea of ​​who you are. Here are two sentences to help you name them.

• “Depending on my skills and interests, I would like to do ______ in connection with _____, ideally in a company that allows me to ______ and ___________. These are two important values ​​for me, and to see that the company attaches importance to them also makes me very excited. “

• “Basically my dream job is _______________ for ___________ in a position that allows me to __________ and ____________. This last point is very important to me. That’s why I’m so happy to be interviewed for this role. “

Please note that this is not about your current job. It’s not necessary. We are talking about the future and ambition.